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You demand a big, bold wine.
REVEL Cab Noir is made from the ripest grapes grown in our warmest vineyards. Aging in oak barrels takes the rich flavour to a whole new level.


revel cab noir

Vibrant aromas of black cherry and cassis. Silky smooth tannins on the palate with rich flavours of vanilla followed by a hint of blueberry on the finish.

winemaker's notes

  • Niagara grown Cab Sauv, Cab Franc and Baco Noir.
  • Aged in charred French and American oak barrels to layer in grip on the palate.
  • Smoky aromas and dark chocolate flavours support the juicy fruit of this wine.
  • Built to match grilled steaks and burgers off the BBQ, or on its own with your favourite tunes.

Matt who's in charge of the vineyards

“I picked these red grapes from the warmest part of the vineyard which is also where I have my BBQ pit.”

winemaker, lawrence

“I like my reds big. The extended maceration time balances the firm structure with deep colour extraction and the dark red fruit flavours”

christie, the marketing wiz

“I like to drink a glass of Revel while binge-watching my favourite show and eating salty kettle chips.”

food guy, dan

“The big vanilla and black cherry flavours are a perfect match with cedar planked salmon.”

paul, our money guy

“I like to drink this wine while air-guitaring to Aerosmith on the balcony of my condo.”

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REVEL Cab Noir is made by the Speck Bros. Visit for more information.

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